There are many aspects to Photography, of which many are relative to businesses. Corporate photography is one of the many services we offer. If you need photos taken of your place of business for advertising purposes, we can do so. If you need photos of you and your staff to convey your sense of team effort, we can do so.


Photography is in our DNA here at Red Bench Studios and services are not limited to business relations. We offer Senior Portraits, Group Family photo, event photography, wedding photography, newborn photography, you name it, we'll get you the image you want!

Mumford & Sons: Sasquatch Music Festival 2013


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     The first step to properly representing you and your business is to get a Logo. Our services aim to establish a good sense of your business, to create a timeless logo that will speak in behalf of your business for years to come. Once a logo is established, we can help with any other form of promotion that follows. Be it, business cards, flyers/handouts. If its a product that has your logo on it, we can create it.




For some, our video production services might be the last step in creating an image for their business. Others the beginning, for commercials are not all that we do. Commercials however, are critical for any business marketing strategy and for some the last step in creating a visual presence. As seen by example in our H.O.P.E. Equestrian Center Promotional video.


Tone Triumph Young Just "COLD STREETS".

If you are a local music artist looking to get your music out there. Having a creative and captivating video to go along with your music is essential in todays market. Not only does it showcase your music, but it highlights your image and who you are as an artist. Thus solidifying the interest in your music to your audience. Unique videos give your audience another way in which they can enjoy your music. Songs conveying a story can put to action. Story or not, our creative minds can create a solution for your needs.